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CrossFit Kwetu is East Africa’s very first officially affiliated CrossFit Box.

+254 701 748786 Gigiri Lane, Nairobi, Kenya Mon - Fri: 8AM-6PM Sat: 8AM-6PM / Sun:10AM-12PM
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Crossfit Kwetu


Ksh. 3420 per week


LIMITED SPACES - Starting Mon 5th Oct
CONTACT - or WhatsApp 0740969669 to book your spot

KWETU Build is Kwetu’s strength and body building program. The program is unique to Kwetu and is intended to help members of our functional fitness community build toward their strength goals. The KWETU Build program takes three definitions of strength into consideration, and we will help athletes reach their potential in all three…

1. KWETU BUILD WILL INCREASE CONTRACTILE POTENTIAL (at a physiological level…you will get ‘stronger’)
2. KWETU BUILD WILL INCREASE YOUR FUNCTIONAL CAPACITY (from a work standpoint…you will accomplish things you’ve

never accomplished previously)

3. KWETU BUILD WILL ILLICIT A BIOLOGICAL RESPONSE from increased time under tension (hormone wise…you will enjoy the benefits of strength training).

KWETU Build is programmed on a 10-week cycle. Goals for the cycles are set by the KWETU coaches. We will work toward bolstering our three definitions of strength at all times. Everything you will do in KWETU Build will help you lift more, do more, or grow more…or any combination of the three.

The programming will be based around a combination of time-tested principles of traditional powerlifting (squat, press, dead), conjugate/westside method (mix of max effort and dynamic efforts), body building (hypertrophy and accessory work), and a few of our other favorite elements (odd objects, heavy holds, overloaded bodyweight movements, etc)…if nothing else, this program will be a heck of a lot of fun!

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    I loved that there was a community around me that helped keep me on track whenever I'd start getting cravings. I also got loads of great advice from the Coaches that I could take with me even after the challenge.

    Sharon Mundia Kwetu Member

    The Challenge Team provided great guidance and I got great results!

    Ronak Shah Kwetu Member

    The general vibe of the box was very friendly. I have had the opportunity to go to CrossFit affiliates around the world and the experience at Kwetu ranks right up there as one of the best I have experienced.

    Dan Hollingsworth Kwetu Member

    The best decision concerning my health I have made so far. Drop in anytime. The coaches are super awesome and so is everyone else!

    Waceke Mutuiri Kwetu Member

    Asante sana to everyone at CrossFit Kwetu for creating such an awesome space! I really enjoyed coming here-my time in Nairobi would not have been the same without you guys!

    Nynne Warring Kwetu Member