CrossFit Kwetu

CrossFit Kwetu is East Africa’s very first officially affiliated CrossFit Box.

+254 701 748786 Gigiri Lane, Nairobi, Kenya Mon - Fri: 8AM-6PM Sat: 8AM-6PM / Sun:10AM-12PM
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Crossfit Kwetu


from Ksh. 14500


A fun, safe, socially distanced programme designed to get you back in the box in a safe progressive way

Our Kwetu Re-Set programme will get you back to working towards your health goals in a safe progressive manner. 

Over 3 weeks we build gradually on

Intensity       Complexity       Duration     Weight

from Ksh. 14500


The world's best DB programme (in conjunction with NCFIT) offered in a spacious outdoor environment. Safe, fun and super effective!

Our Kwetu Outdoor programme is an awesome Dumbbell workout that combines functional and isolation movements to really challenge ALL levels of athlete. 

Our outside programme KwetuGO!

Will take you to the next level but is also flexible enough to be great for those starting out their fitness or CrossFit journeys.

from Ksh 6500


A fun, safe, socially distanced programme designed to get you back in the box in a safe progressive way

Our Remote Wellness Academy enables you to keep fit and healthy from the comfort and safety of your own home.

We offer support, guidance and accountability in our 4 Pillars

Exercise       Physical & Mental Recovery       Nutrition       Sleep

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Other Remote and Personal Coaching Services Offered 

Exercise – Home Workouts

  • International standard programming customised to your goals and equipment
  • Experienced coaches
  • Delivered to your phone 1 day in advance or private sessions via video call
  • Accountability, support and feedback
  • Different levels of service to suit your needs and your pocket


Physical & Mental Recovery

  • Weekly Mindfulness and Mobility Targets
  • Daily Check Ins & Accountability
  • Weekly webinars & guidance
  • Manageable practices that will support your mental health
  • Experienced coaches and customised training with recovery support
  • Support on structuring to make the most out of every day

Nutrition –

  •       Weekly Nutrition targets
  • ·     Daily Check Ins & Accountability
  • ·     Weekly Nutrition and cooking webinars
  •       Guidance, advice and support –
    • What to eat?
    • How much to eat?
    • What about snacks?
  •       Top tier service personalised nutrition plan and accountability

Sleep –

  •       Weekly Sleep & AM/PM routine targets
  • ·     Daily Check Ins & Accountability
  • ·     Weekly Sleep and routine ideas
  •       Guidance, advice and support –
    • How much should I be sleeping?
    • What should my morning and evening routine look like?
    • What are the affects of not getting enough sleep?

I loved that there was a community around me that helped keep me on track whenever I'd start getting cravings. I also got loads of great advice from the Coaches that I could take with me even after the challenge.

Sharon Mundia Kwetu Member

The Challenge Team provided great guidance and I got great results!

Ronak Shah Kwetu Member

The best decision concerning my health I have made so far. Drop in anytime. The coaches are super awesome and so is everyone else!

Waceke Mutuiri Kwetu Member