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CrossFit Kwetu is East Africa’s very first officially affiliated CrossFit Box.

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Massage Sessions

Remedial Massage

Massage Sessions

We work hard to be fit and healthy but often overlook our recovery. This can have a negative effect on our progress as well as making one more susceptible to injury.

Grace is an enthusiastic sports massage therapist who has been working with Crossfit athletes since 2017. She holds qualifications in Holistic Sports Massage Therapy and The Neil Asher Technique accredited by the International Therapy Examinational Council.

Having worked hand in hand with different specialists (physiotherapist, sports coaches, orthopedic manual therapists) has broadened her spectrum in understanding different strategies that help fitness enthusiasts on their journey to recovery and injury prevention.

Her passion in continued pursuance research and studies on the most effective therapeutic relief enhancement methods will put her on the forefront in dealing with improving the general population’s muscle functionalty and increased mobility in day to day actiities.

She also holds a degree in Media and Mass Communication from The Technical University of Mombasa.