CrossFit Kwetu

CrossFit Kwetu is East Africa’s very first officially affiliated CrossFit Box.

+254 701 748786 Gigiri Lane, Nairobi, Kenya Mon - Fri: 8AM-6PM Sat: 8AM-6PM / Sun:10AM-12PM
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CrossFit is ideally suited for the needs of corporates who are far sighted enough to support the health and well-being of their employees.

Why CrossFit?


It is a well known fact that exercise stimulates your brain and helps you focus and concentrate to higher levels, but there are many reasons why you might want to have fit and healthy employees.

Healthy & Productive


50 000 ksh* a month for 5 employees doing CrossFit

For as little as 25 000 ksh a month for 5 employees doing lunchtime HIIT

1 hour classes - Efficient, effective and well planned!

Lots of teamwork and cooperative skills.

Challenges athletes to work outside their comfort zone.

Brings out qualities of toughness and resilience!

Focuses on the athlete learning new skills.

Our athletes have to be adaptable to new situations